Our wages and fees are very rational based on your comfort. You will find us most cost effective for you.


No Consultation Wages:

Be sure that you will not be charged for initial consultation. Our consultation is free. You can contact us and discuss your issue in detail with us. We will discuss the issue with you,  will assess the labour involved for it  and will advise and suggest the legal recourse and solution for it, will inform you about the wages, time schedule and the government cost required for it but we will not charge for this consultation.

No Hourly Rate Wages:

We do not charge hourly rate wages. We understand that a serious deliberation to a work involving extensive research or drafting can take multiple hours or more than expected time therefore it can become difficult for the client to understand the length of time involved or the increasingly expensive hourly charges therefore we do not charge hourly rate wages.

We Charge Flat Wages:

We charge Flat Wages. Our Flat Wages are categorized in two categories. It can be covered under our Flat Wages Schedule or it may be determined after a detailed and thorough discussion with the client. But in any case we will inform the client about One Time and Flat Wages which shall not be subject to any change. Our Wages are Flat and Total Wages are one time. We will not charge repeatedly or for any further office expense.

Contingency Fees:

We don’t take Contingency Fee cases.

Referral Fee:

We don’t deal with referral fee. Neither for referring cases to the other international firms nor for receiving cases referred by them.

Retainer Wages :

A retainer Wages can also mean that we are “on call” to handle your legal problems over a period of time. Our Retainer Wages can be on annual basis and are settled after discussion with the clients.

No Statutory Cost is included:

No statutory or government fee is included in our Fee and our Clients are requested to pay and handle the official/government and statutory Fee by themselves.

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