CIPO Industrial Design Services

Industrial designs can be a new shape or visual of any product. Industrial design registration gives exclusive rights over the design for up to 10 years in Canada. During this period no one can make or sell the design without the owner’s  permission. The owner can sell his rights or license others to make, use and sell his design. Registration protects new designs therefore for being eligible a design should be new and it must not resemble with an already registered design. Under the Industrial Design the appearance of the article is protected and not the functionality of the article works.

An Industrial Design may be:

  • A shape of an Article
  • A Configuration
  • A Pattern
  • An Ornament
  • Or any combination of these.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office – CIPO is the official agency for the protection of designs in Canada. Intellectual property Logium provides following services for the protection of Industrial Design in Canada.

  • Design Search
  • Applying and Filing Design with CIPO
  • Registration
  • Renewal
  • Maintenance
  • Correspondence with the Office
  • Responding to Office Reports
  • Design License
  • Design Assignment / Transfer

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