USCO – United States Copyright Office Services

United States Copyright Office – USCO deals with the copyright claims in books, music, movies, software, photographs, and other works of authorship.

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services for the protection of copyright in U.S.A:

  • Applying and Filing for Registration of Copyright through eCO Registration System. The approximate processing time is 8 to 12 months at USCO.
  • Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents services online at USCO. Under these services documents pertaining to a copyright, including documents that transfer copyright ownership, may by recorded in the Copyright Office.
  • Conducting a comprehensive copyright search online or applying for manual search. Copyright registrations and renewals from 1870 to 1977 are accessible in manual form in the Copyright Office. Copyright work form 1978 to the present including renewals and recorded documents is accessible through the Copyright Office online records.

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