Preparing Copyright License Agreements, Deeds and Contracts

Copyright registration gives the owner exclusive right to own the registered work. The owner can reproduce, publish, distribute, assign, license, sell and use it as he likes and decides. The things that are copyrighted are referred to as “intellectual property.” Through license and contracts copyright owner can grant limited rights to use his Intellectual Property without transfering the ownership of the copyright.

The copyright owner is the Licensor and the person in whose favour the license is made is called the Licensee. For the effectiveness of the Copyright Deed, Contract and Agreement it is not legally required that it may be recorded with the Copyright Office USA. This document becomes effective between the parties on its execution. However the recordal of any Copyright document with the United States Copyright Office (USCO) will keep updated the Copyright ownership rights and also it provides a recording of the documents between the parties for the future.

Intellectual Property Logium assists in the drafting and construction of License Agreements, Contracts and Deeds and their recordal with US Copyright Office.

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