Design Protection

Intellectual Property Logium assists to protect your Design Asset.

Advantages of Registered Designs:

  • The owner of the registered design can prevent the copying and imitation of the design by any other person
  • Registered design adds the commercial value of the product
  • This protection helps ensure that a fair return on investment is obtained
  • Protection of industrial designs encourages fair competition & honest trade practices
  • It encourages the other for the production of more aesthetically attractive & diversified products
  • The more designs broadens consumer choice
  • Industrial design protection contributes to any country’s economy by the expansion of commercial activities & by enhancing the export potential of national product

Disadvantages of Unregistered Designs:

  • The owner is unable to prevent unauthorized copying or imitation
  • The infringement cannot be complained against the infringer
  • Unprotection of industrial designs encourages unfair competition & dishonest trade practices

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