CIPO Patent Services

The Canadian Government grants the right to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention. This is the grant of a Patent through Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). A Canadian patent is valid within Canada for 20 years from the date of filing of a patent application. The patent application becomes public 18 months after filing. Patents cover new inventions or any new and useful improvement to an existing invention.

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services for the protection of Patents in Canada through CIPO:

  • Patent Search
  • Preparing and Drafting Patent Application
  • Applying and Filing the Patent Application
  • Applying the Examination: Patent application is not examined automatically after its filing. The Examination has to be requested by attaching an examination fee at which the examination is conducted.
  • Responding to Examiner’s Objections
  • Appeals
  • Re-Examinations
  • Re-Issuance
  • Oppositions
  • Infringements
  • Maintenance
  • Corresponding with Patent Office
  • Priority Claim
  • Assignment, License and Agreements

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