Foreign Design Patents

Intellectual Property Logium provides services for the protection of foreign designs in Pakistan and the designs applied or registered in Pakistan to apply for the registration abroad.

Foreign protection of designs can be obtained by registration of national design patents abroad. The foreign or international design registration is possible through WIPO international registration. When filing foreign registered design applications, the applicant may claim the priority of an earlier national registered design application. The time limit for this is 6 months, calculated from the date of filing of the earlier registered design application.

In Pakistan priority arrangements are provided to all member countries of World Trade Organisation (WTO) if application in Pakistan is filed within 6 months of the priority country filing. Any person who has made application to register a design in any of the member country of WTO is entitled to make an application for the registration of the same design in Pakistan, claiming priority of date for his registration. Similarly, any person who has filed an application for registration in Pakistan is entitled to claim that the official date of the Pakistani application for any registration that may be affected in the aforesaid countries.

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