Trademark Registration Procedure in Pakistan

Trademarks Ordinance 2001 is the governing law for trademark related matters in Pakistan. Trademark is registered at Trade Marks Registry which is a part of Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO Pakistan).

The Trademark applications are examined at the registry in the light of Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001 and the applicant is informed of discrepancies if any. The subsequent amendment in the application can also be made. If the application does not contravene the Ordinance, it is accepted by the Registrar and is sent to the Journal section.

After publication into the journal the application becomes open to opposition for a period of two months. Opposition can be filed against a trade mark published in its Journal. If during two months no opposition is filed then the mark is approved for registration.

After the acceptance of mark for registration, a registration certificate is issued for 10 years duration. Afterwards, it needs to be renewed for another 10 years. Renewal can only be granted on applying for the renewal of the trademark. If the applicant fails to apply for the renewal the trademark may be cancelled.

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