PRV Sweden Trademark Services

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services for the protection of Trademark in Sweden:

  • Trademark Search
  • Applying and Filing
  • Renewal
  • Response to the office objections
  • Trademark License
  • Trademark Agreements and Contracts
  • Trademark Opposition and Defense
  • Trademark Infringement

Swedish Patent and Registration Office – PRV provides protection of a trademark for the national level only and outside of Sweden this protection does not extend. If the owner of a trademark wants to protect the trademark in other regions or Internationally the the owner has to apply on the regional or the international forums. International registration can be sought through World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO for getting trademark under Madrid. For International applications the applicant has to be the registrant or the applicant of the Sweden Trademark.

™ stands for trade mark. ™ is used to show that a certain mark is used as a trademark for a certain company. The use of ™ lacks legal power in Sweden. ® means “registered”. The symbol is used to show that a certain mark is a registered trademark. It is against the Swedish Marketing Act to use the symbol, if the mark is not registered.

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