UKIPO Design Patent Services

Design Patent registration in United Kingdom protects the following relating to a product:

  • appearance
  • look
  • physical shape
  • configuration (or how different parts of a design are arranged together)
  • decoration

To register your design, it must:

  • be new
  • not be offensive (for example feature graphic images or words)
  • be your own intellectual property
  • not make use of protected emblems or flags (for example the Olympic rings or the Royal Crown)
  • not be an invention or how a product works – you’ll need a patent instead
  • You cannot protect the functionality of a design – for example a chair that folds down more quickly than others of the same kind.

The Registration of your design:

  • protects any aspect of your design, for example both the product’s shape and decoration
  • gives you the right to prevent others from using it for up to 25 years – you have to renew your registered design every 5 years
  • makes taking legal action against infringement and copying more straightforward
  • After registration you become entitled to display your registration number on your design

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services to protect design rights in UK.

  • Design Search
  • Applying and filing Design
  • Objecting, challenging and resolving design disputes
  • Design Oppositions and Defenses
  • Design Infringements
  • Design Licenses
  • Design Agreements and Contracts

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