Drafting and Filing Non-Provisional Utility Patent USPTO

United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO sets following requirements for a Non Provisional Utility Patent:

  • It should be drafted in English Language or the application must accompany with English Translation of the patent draft and a statement that the translation is accurate
  • Utility Patent Application Transmittal Form or Transmittal Letter
  • Appropriate Fees
  • Application Data Sheet
  • Specification
  • Claims – at least one claim
  • Drawings
  • Description of drawings
  • Executed Oath or Declaration
  • Describe invention so one of ordinary skill can understand (make and use)
  • Disclose the best mode

The main parts of an application are following:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Drawings
  • Background of the Invention
  • Summary of the Disclosure
  • Brief Description of the Drawings
  • Detailed Description of the Invention
  • Claims

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