Trademark Prosecution

Intellectual Property Logium provides complete trademark prosecution services. The trademark prosecution starts with the filing of the trademark applications with the trademark registry in Pakistan and includes the following stages:

  1. Examination of the application by the examiner at the Trademark Registry
  2. Conveying to the applicant any contravention for rectification
  3. Amendments in the application if any
  4. Acceptance of trademark
  5. Publication of accepted applications in the Trade Mark Journal for public awareness as well as to invite opposition, by aggrieved parties before the final registration of a mark
  6. Filing of Opposition against a trade mark published in Trade Mark Journal
  7. In face of no opposition, the registration of mark
  8. After the acceptance of mark for registration, a registration certificate is issued
  9. Various hearings at Trademark Registrar Office
  10. Arguments on class of the mark

We attend every stage of trademark prosecution until its final registration by the Trademark Registry.

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