UKIPO Patent Services

A patent is granted for an invention which has never been registered and never has been made public in any way, anywhere in the world, before the date of filing the patent application. An invention must be novel in order to be eligible for registration.

Therefore the patentability and patent search is important in the patent filing. Searching patent prior to the application is the most prudent step the inventor takes. Secondly the inventor must keep the invention confidential. Its disclosure can result in the loss for the inventor.

A Patent application includes:

  • A written description of the invention
  • A drawings to illustrate the description
  • Claims in the form of precise legal statements that define invention by setting out its distinctive technical features
  • An abstract which is a summary that includes all the important technical aspects of the invention

In UK Patent publication may take 18 months however the patent grant and registration may take several years. During the pre publication period the application is kept private and confidential by the office however after the publication it becomes open to public.

Patents are territorial rights and a UK patent only gives you protection within the UK. As long as you file any foreign applications within 12 months of your UK ‘priority date’ (the filing date of your original UK application for the same invention), you can ask for each foreign application to be given the same ‘priority date’.

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services for the protection of Patents in United Kingdom:

  • Advisory and Opinion work on Patent Law
  • Patentability advise
  • Patent Search
  • Patent Applying and Filing
  • Opposition
  • Response to Examiner Objections
  • Response to Patent Office Letters
  • Patent Infringements
  • Patent Renewals

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