Trademark Assignment Recordal USPTO

The Assignment Recordation is the recordal with USPTO the change of the ownership and title of the owner of the Trademark. It usually takes place when the trademark is purchased and sold between the parties and the seller and owner of the Trademark transfer the rights of ownership in favour of the buyer and new owner.  The assignment of a Trademark document is called Trademark Assignment Agreement which has to be filed with USPTO for assignment recordal. For an assignment recordal following are the requirements:

  • Complete information about the transaction
  • Information cover sheet
  • The submitter must qualify the submission i.e, he should be the owner of the Trademark
  • Pay the proper recording fee
  • True copies of assignment-related documents; original documents are not required nor desired, as they will not be returned.

Intellectual Property Logium assists to draft assignment contracts and agreements and file their recordal with USPTO.

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