CIPO Copyright Services

Copyright Protects original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. Copyright is an exclusive legal right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform an original literary, artistic, dramatic or musical work. Usually the creator of the work is the owner of the copyright however in certain cases when under an agreement the work is produced by the employee the employer may become the owner of the copyright.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) accepts and register the applications for the registration of copyright. The registration certificate issued by the CIPO enables the owner to use it in the court as evidence of ownership.

In Canada the copyright exists during author’s  lifetime and for 50 years following him. After that, the work is in the public domain, and anyone can use it.

Intellectual Property Logium Provides following Copyright Services to protect Copyright in Canada:

  • Copyright Search
  • Applying and Filing Copyright
  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Assignment
  • Copyright License
  • Copyright Contracts and Agreements
  • Copyright Transfer Deed
  • Responding the CIPO Correspondence
  • Replying to Office Letters

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