Patent in Pakistan is a grant from the Government of Pakistan which confers on the inventor the rights of ownership for a limited term of 20 years when patent is granted in respect of a product or in respect of a process.

A patent is a proprietary right granted by the government pursuant to laws passed by legislature. Patents, which convey to the owner exclusive rights to the claimed invention, are granted to inventors who file an application with the IPO Pakistan.

In Pakistan Patent applications can be applied in the following manners:

  1. An ordinary patent application with “provisional or complete specification”, which is dated as of the official date of the application for the patent.
  2. A convention patent application claiming “right of priority”, which is dated as of the official date of the corresponding application for patent first made in a country which is the member of WTO (World Trade Organization).
  3. Application for a patent of addition, for improvement or modification of an invention for which a patent has already been applied for or granted.

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