PRV Sweden Design Patent Services

By obtaining design protection you can acquire exclusive rights for the registered design. Design registration is a proof of exclusivity to your design. The design protection in Sweden is granted for a period of 25 years by Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV).

A Swedish design does not grant you the international protection for which you have to file the application of International registration through PRV.

With a design registration you protect your product’s appearance, but not its function. The application must include the following:

  • Information about the applicant, the agent and the designer
  • Document of assignment
  • Indication of product and class for your design
  • Information regarding multiple registration
  • Images.
  • Model
  • Information regarding priority
  • Information regarding secrecy
  • Current fee and your method of payment
  • Signature, printed name, place and date

Intellectual Property  Logium provides following online services for the protection of design in Sweden:

  • Design Search
  • Applying and Filing Design
  • Responding Office Objections Design
  • Design Prosecution
  • Design Infringement
  • Design Advisory and Opinion

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