IP Australia Design Patent Services

A design is shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation to give the product a unique appearance. For registration a design must be new and distinctive. Design registration is intended to protect designs which have an industrial or commercial use.  Once examined and certified, a registered design gives the owner and exclusive right to use it commercially and  licence or sell it. 

The initial period of registration for design in Australia is five years from the filing date of your application. After this you can renew and extend your design registration for a further five years.

Intellectual Property Logium Provides following services for the protection of design in Australia:

  • Design Search
  • Applying and Filing Design
  • Design Maintenance
  • Responding to Design Examination Objections
  • Replying official correspondence
  • Design Opposition
  • Design Prosecution
  • Design Infringement
  • Design Advisory and Opinion
  • Design Renewal
  • International Registration

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