Swiss IPI Patent Services

In Switzerland a patent is granted by the federal government for a technical invention. Invention is considered a solution to a technical problem and it include products and processes. If an invention is novel, non-obvious to a person skilled in the art and can be commercially applied (useful) it is patentable.

Patent gives exclusive right to the owner to prevent others from commercially using his invention for up to 20 years. During this period he can prohibit others from using it, producing, using, selling or importing without his permission.

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services for the protection of Patents in Switzerland:

  • Patentability Advice
  • Search Patent
  • Apply and File Patent
  • Addressing to Formal examination and Material examination
  • Response to the Examiner’s report
  • Patent Opposition and Defenses
  • Patent Renewals
  • Patent Infringements

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