Trademark Legal Requirements in Pakistan

Trademark/Service Mark Application Requirements in Pakistan for its registration include:

  1. Exact words; Image; Logo; Design or shape which is desired to be registered as Trademark
  2. Form TM48 (Power of Attorney) duly notarized and signed by the applicant/s
  3. Transliteration and translation of the non English words appearing in the mark
  4. Trademark application in Pakistan can be filed either on the basis that mark is in use in Pakistan or that it is proposed to be used. If the mark is in use, the period of use shall be specified.
  5. Complete information will be provided by the applicant about him
  6. Complete information will be provided by the applicant about his business and the entity type: sole proprietorship, individual, company, LLC, trust or organisation.
  7. Detail of goods or services for which the mark is applied
  8. Twelve specimens of the mark are required if the mark is not lieteral mark and is a logo or design
  9. A certified copy of the application giving the filing date, number and country, if the application is to be filed with a priority claim

Intellectual Property Logium assists its clients to complete all legal requirements and formalities for applying and filing Trademark and/or the Service Mark in Pakistan.

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