About Us

Intellectual Property Logium is a law firm exclusively working for intellectual property laws in Pakistan with profound local knowledge, international expertise and a global approach. The firm was founded in 2006 at Lahore by Mr. Mahmood Ur Rahman Chaudhry and now Intellectual Property Logium is a leading law firm in Pakistan specialized in intellectual property law.

The firm provides legal services to the leading Pakistani and foreigner corporate entities. Our focused area of practice comprises exclusively laws relating to Intellectual Property. We assist for registration, renewal, infringement suits, protection of rights and litigation work relating to Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright, Design and allied laws. We also provide services for Domain Names under laws, policies and rules of WIPO and ICANN.

We are specialized in the drafting and construction of all intellectual Property documents.

We provide advice on all matters of intellectual property. We are authorized to act in proceedings before Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) Pakistan as well as in trial and appellate proceedings before the lower and High Courts.

Our International Services include search, applying, filing, prosecution, response to office action, reply to examiner objections, complaints and appeals of trademark, patent, design, copyright and domain.

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