Drafting and Filing Amendment Utility Patent USPTO

Patent application may need an amendment after receiving an office action from the Patent Examiner. The purpose of these amendments is to overcome an objection raised by the Patent Office Examiner.

The Patent Office Examiner can raise objections that the invention is not novel or it is some prior art or tough the applied patent is not a copy of earlier patent however it is inspired and guided by some earlier patent.

The objections of the examiner can be responded by the applicant through amendment. Through amendment applicant can amend the non inventive aspects of the application and can change the claim which is the prior art work.

However through amendments no such addition can be made which can change the nature of the applications and this can cause further objections from the Patent Office.

Intellectual Property Logium provides complete services  for drafting and filing amendments in the applied and approved patent. Amendment is possible as pre grant amendment as well as post grant amendment.

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