Swiss IPI Copyright Services

Copyright protects works like intellectual creations of literature and art of unique character, literature, music, pictures, sculptures, films, operas, ballets, pantomimes and computer programs.

Following rights are granted by the copyrights

  • The rights of performing artists to their performances
  • The rights of producers of phonograms and videograms to their products (CD’s, DVD’s, etc.)
  • The rights of broadcasters to their radio and television broadcasts

Copyright grants the rights holder exclusive rights as to Whether, when and how his/her works may be used and Whether the work may be reproduced, translated, edited, distributed, sold, performed, broadcasted or transferred.

For the protection of copyright no registration is necessary in Switzerland and the rights exists for a period of 70 years.  Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property does not maintain Copyright Register and Registration of Copyright is not granted by Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Intellectual Property Logium provides following services to protect copyrights in Switzerland.

  • Copyright Infringement
  • Copyright License
  • Copyright Advisory and Legal Opinion
  • Copyright Agreements and Contracts

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