Patent Prosecution

After filing the patent application in Pakistan we shall attend the entire prosecution. The prosecution period includes all the communications to and from the Patent Office, from the filing date to the registration of the the patent application date. We provide complete prosecution services that include:

  1. Filing patent applications
  2. Preparing response to official action
  3. Pre-grant opposition
  4. Post-grant opposition
  5. Strategizing amendments for maximizing impact
  6. Attending hearings whenever required and
  7. Tracking the application during examination till grant

We have experience of successfully handling patent filing & prosecution in Pakistanand are fully acquainted with the legalities of patent prosecution procedures in Pakistan.

 Substantive Examination:

The substantive requirements of Patents Ordinance 2000 against which the application and complete specification must be assessed are whether:

  • The applicant is entitled to the grant of a patent
  • The invention is fully described
  • The claims define a patentable invention
  • The claims relate to a single invention
  • The claims are clear and succinct
  • The claims are fairly based on the matter disclosed in the specification
  • The claims define a new invention and
  • The claims define an invention that involves an inventive step

 Procedure and time of Patent grant in Pakistan:

  • Utility applications filed in the Patent Office of Pakistan are assigned for examination to the examiners related to the field of invention.
  • The examination of the application consists of a study of the application to see if the claimed invention is new, useful and non obvious. The examiner also checks whether the application meets the requirements of the patent statute and rules of practice.
  • If the application does not satisfy the legal requirements, the examiner may issue an Office action
  • The applicant has to reply all the objections to satisfy the Patent office
  • When the application is free of objections the examiner shall accept the application.
  • The acceptance is then advertised in the Official Gazette.
  • As a result of the examination by the Patent Office and after completing all the prosecution stages patents are granted.

After the completion of all formalities, the Patent office will first issue a notice regarding an intimation of grant. Finally the Letters Patent Will be issued.

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