Intellectual Property Litigation

The  intellectual property in corporate sector is the most important asset to protect and times comes in the companies’ life when they need to protect their intellectual property even through litigation. Although in today’s environment only a small percentage of cases have to go for litigation and face the trials or appellate proceedings however with us your legal representation is provided by us with skills and experience of handling the cases of all kinds including patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design and trade secret.

We remain focused on your business objectives and the most cost-effective means of achieving those objectives. If a creative business resolution is possible, we will litigate the case in a manner that will lead the case to achieve such a resolution. We have experience in the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. From the beginning we explore with our clients the potential risks, opportunities and costs associated with various strategies for dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiated settlements.

In trademark litigation, we focus on protecting the goodwill and brand value that our clients have worked to develop through their trademarks and trade dress. We handle an array of trademark, trade dress and unfair competition disputes, including those concerning Internet domain names, consumer product trademarks, business names, trademark dilution, trademark counterfeiting, false advertising, and clothing and accessory designs and other forms of trade dress.

We have handled trade secret litigation concerning a range of diverse technologies. We prosecute and defend claims of trade secret misappropriation at trial and appellate level.

In patent litigation we focus on technical knowledge to present complex issues in a comprehensible, persuasive manner.

We assist clients in enforcing copyright claims and defending claims of infringement in a wide variety of areas, including computer software, as well as literary, musical, pictorial, audiovisual, sound recording and other works. We have obtained ex parte orders to seize counterfeit goods under both the copyright and trademark laws.

Enforcing IP rights against infringement often requires quick and decisive action to secure injunctive relief and skillful advocacy to recover monetary damages. We provide IP enforcement with experience in litigation of patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret and copyright infringement, as well as in computer software-related disputes, we have handled some of the most complex IP cases.

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