Schedule of Trademark Wages

If you want to see the Trademark Government/Official Charges in USA you can download to see via link below. (Courtesy: USPTO)


We can provide services to succeed but we can not provide success of any kind. Success in No Way is Warranted or Guaranteed by us.

If you want to see complete list of our Trademark Services and our wages thereof you can see by downloading it via link below:


Peculiarity we Offer:

We don’t provide surface services – once we are engaged for a service we will be with you till to the final accomplishment of that assignment. Our contact and professional relation with you will remain till you approve the completion with final satisfaction.

Once we have been assigned a service its repetition has no separate charges. If we are to file your Trademark we will file it with complete amendment assistance upto three months till the Trademark Office starts examination of the application. If we are assigned to respond to Office Action, service will not end with the filing of one office action and it will continue for as many subsequent and further office actions or the examiner letters are issued by the office. If we have filed appeal or opposition we will assist for all its subsequent prosecution. Once you engage us for a service you engage us till to its final accomplishment.

Other Services:

For Litigation and other services not mentioned on this page we will discuss with you the whole issue and will give a quote according to the required labour for the work. You can also down load via link above on this page the list of our complete services and wages thereof.

Our regular trademark wages are as below: 

(No Government Fee is included)


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